K5 - 12th Grade
Weekly Chapel services
Abeka Curriculum 
Spanish I and Spanish II
Computer Technology Classes
Drama and Art
Honors Classes
Life Skill
Journalism/School Paper
Elementary Computers
Elementary Art
Duel Enrollment
ACT Testing
Iowa State Testing every grade
College Preparatory Classes
Summer Camp
And Much More...


Supply Lists: 1st thru 6th Grade                                                              

(1) Kings James Version Bible (All Grades)                                           

(1) Three Ring Binder with pockets  (no zip-up binders & nothing bigger than 1") (1st thru 6th)  

(3) Spiral Notebook (1st & 2nd )                           

(2) Packs #2 Pencils (1st thru 6th)

(1) Box of Crayons (1st thru 4th)

(1) Box of Colored Pencils (1st thru 4th)

(1) Pair of Scissors (1st thru 4th)

(1) Bendable Ruler (1st thru 4th)

(1) Pencil/Crayon Box (1st thru 4th)

(2) Packs of Cap Erasers (1st & 2nd)

(2) Folders with pockets (1st & 2nd)

(1) Coloring Book (1st & 2nd)

(4) Packs Wide Ruled Paper (1st thru 6th)

Clip Board (1st & 2nd)

Sheet Protectors for binder (8 1/2 X 11) (1st & 2nd Grade)

Highlighters (3rd thru 6th grade)

Washable Markers (3rd & 4th Grade)

(5) Plastic Dividers with pockets (5th & 6th Grade) Must Have Pockets

Pens (5th & 6th Grade)

Glue Sticks (1st thru 4th)


Where We Are

Our school is conveniently
located approximately
1.5 miles off I-85,
take Edgewood Rd.,
exit 13 toward
Bessemer City
to 616 Athenia Place.
click here for map

704 - 629 - 2391


David Ross



Terri Kelly

Assistant Principal


 Stefanie Ross



David Ross

Director of Athletics